Summer might be over but we still have some warm weather to enjoy! Get out this weekend with these 5 AWESOMELY ArtSee things to do:



  • The 5×5 Project kicks off this weekend with several events but don’t miss the
    opening reception on FRIDAY from 6:30-8:30 PM. A city wide art extravaganza
    that goes through the fall! [link]
  • HOME (again) and AIDS Unanswered open SATURDAY at Arlington Arts Center
    featuring 6 artists answering and responding to questions of their “home” and
    the AIDS crisis [link]
  • TWO FOR ONE: AU opens two fall exhibitions SATURDAY “Readymade 100” and
    “Some Uses of Photography” from 6:00-9:00pm [link]
  • Brentwood Arts Exchange opens “Axis” SATURDAY at 5:00 pm. An exhibition
    challenging the center or connective core of things, people, ideas and art! [link]

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