Collecting Artwork – HAVE NO FEAR!

Mark Smith May18,2014HAVE NO FEAR to allow yourself to love a piece of artwork when you experience one and add it to your life and home!   …It’s so important to have beautiful, original artworks in your life.  As a full-time professional artist and the Art Curator for Vastu on 14th street, and Art 17 at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Dupont on 17th Street, Brian Petro selects artwork that compliments the Vastu collection and the environments for which the work is acquired, and supports Coldwell Banker Dupont’s vision to increase visibility of artwork to the local community.  From his years of creating his own bodies of artwork, personally acquiring other artist’s work for his personal collection, and visiting public and private collections during his travels, Brian knows a lot about art collecting and offers some tips:


  1. Visit museums and local shows and art openings to get a feel of the style that feels right for you. Allow your artwork to show your life experience and interests, however happy or morose they may be.
  2.  If you like something, if it “feels right,” if it makes you pause… don’t rationalize to deeply why… accept that you do.  Our visceral, gut instinct tells us that a piece is “speaking” to us.  You’ll have plenty of time to rediscover and love the many reason day after day on your walls as you grow as a person, and your insight in life continues to develop.
  3.  Visit artists’ studios to meet them in person and experience the environment in which the art work was/is created. With a 20-40 minute visit you can find out so much about their artwork. You will see many more, and a wider range of, pieces in a studio than in any gallery show, and you really get to learn and understand the methods and meanings of the artist’s purpose.
  4.  Ask friends who are art collectors or patrons about which artists they think are truly dedicated to their career, the quality of their product, and conduct their business in a professional manner.
  5. Buy because the work “feels right” to you, but also… think about the possible investment value of artwork. Not all artist’s work will become prime for future auctioning for immense post-mortem value, but it may be.  It’s sad, but true…When the artist kicks it, oftentimes, value increases.
  6. Buy a more pieces than you can display. Keep some pieces stored and every few months re-arrange your collection around the house. This is a great way to get a fresh look without additional renovation charges.
  7. Buy to be a Patron of the Arts!  It is so important to realize that by collecting artwork, you are allowing artists to do what they do…  create news ideas, educate the world, offer new experience to the viewers, and take people on journeys only able to be afforded by the fertile mind of an artist.   The world benefits by the ideas and actions of artists, but sadly, many artists work through life struggling to house and feed themselves to do what they do.   By buying, you help keep the world fresh and interesting for all by supporting the existence of artistic minds and abilities.
  8. Buy to help share the important messages an artist expresses that you wish to imbue to others.  You can assist others to see your important values and ideas through work that educates continually upon view. 


studio3Brian welcomes visitors to his studio smack in the heart of 14th and U off the lower showroom of  Vastu (1829 14th Street) all the time by appointment to view his artwork, or just discuss art in general.  Simply call him at (202) 270-7352, or email him at to schedule a time convenient for you and your friends.  Also search “Brian Petro Artist” on  to see a film short on him and his philosophies or Google him to see a range of his impact in the world of art.



Office – 1938 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20009

Studio – 1829 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20009  (off lower showroom of Vastu)

Search “Brian Petro Artist” on

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